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A multicultural collaboration of groups, which together are a strong, effective and unified voice on policy issues to protect the rights and expand access to services for people of color with disabilities and their families.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our projects

Opening Doors to Multi-Cultural Communities is a federation of 10 multi-cultural community-based organizations serving people with developmental disabilities from communities of color. Each of our member organizations has come into existence as a place to go for information, referrals, support, and in some instances, services because many individuals or family members who do not speak English well or come from different cultures find the service system hard to understand and not always responsive to our needs. We are committed to righting this problem.
  • ARS Asian Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
  • CALIF Communities Actively Living Independent and free
  • CPAD Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled
  • Fuerza, Inc.
  • JSPACC Japanese-Speaking Parents Association of Children with Challenges
  • Loving Your Disabled Child
  • VPDCA Vietnamese Parents with Disabled Children Association, Inc.


  • Fiesta Educativa, Inc.
  • Harambee Educational Council, Inc.
  • UAII United American Indian Involvement

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