1340 E. McWood St. - West Covina, CA 91790
A multicultural collaboration of groups, which together are a strong, effective and unified voice on policy issues to protect the rights and expand access to services for people of color with disabilities and their families.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our projects

Our Vision

The collaboration of multicultural groups serving people with disabilities will:
  • Create a unique multi-ethnic voice on policy issues impacting people with disabilities and effect change, if necessary, to protect our right to full inclusion into community life and
  • raise awareness in the general public about disability rights and the unique issues impacting our communities of color;
  • recruit, train and support our communities with knowledge of disability issues so that our members are equally represented in positions of leadership on public and private boards, commissions and task forces; and
  • Serve as a model for the creation of sister organizations across the country.

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